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A wide selection of spit roast favourites designed to make any feast enjoyable and flavourful

Sleek and top-notch catering services that deliver tasteful and hassle-free office parties

Bite into a variety of finger food delights and treats that match any affair, theme and style

Delectable and fantastic buffets and menus that overwhelm your taste buds, not your pockets

Creatively elegant catering menus and services befitting your very own momentous occasion

Catering Windsor

Discover Catering Windsor and experience a service that caters food that is just right for your budget and to the event. Choose from the list of catering service that you want and pick from the foods we offer. Creating your own menu is another option that you will like. Pick from our delectable and inviting food start with some appetizers, fresh finger food that are heavenly and you want to have another one, then our meat menu choose whether you want a pork or beef menu, chicken or lamb menu, seafood menu, we use seafood that are freshly brought from the market to bring out that natural taste, and with our vegetable menu that even a non-vegetarian will not even notice that it’s a vegetable and to complete it try our desserts that are delightful and suit for people who loves sweet.

Catering Windsor will make your party a successful one, whether it’s a Birthday party, Christmas Party, Thanks Giving Partyor any parties that you will happen in your life, let Catering Windsor be your partner. Anywhere you are in Australia we will be there to serve, deliver and help you meet your needs. We have a buffet style to offer no matter how many guests you will have, and if you are in budget and you still want you guests to taste a tasteful food here at Catering Windsor we guarantee you that even though the is at the lowest price everything we serve are appetizing and delicious. We want to make it sure that every client that we will have will have a service that is worth paying for.

Busy individual who cannot afford to take time to go for a catering service for the event, worry no more, because all you have to do is to get in touch with us, choose from our menu and after which we will deliver it right away through your doors. This option is for your convenience and a hassle free one. Office party, corporate meeting, seminars or even an intimate dinner with you love one we from Catering Windsor can set everything perfectly. We also cater Children’s Party.

Wedding parties, Catering Windsor will serve you best and we make it sure that on that day everything will be on what you want and will be the most memorable day of your life. Let us work with you and let us make your event a successful one.

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